A Look at 9 Rare & Interesting Pharmaceutical Drugs

WeaponsG.com has compiled a collection of images showing off nine incredibly rare pharmaceutical drugs, with most of them being time pieces at this point. This article is possible because of the incredibly interesting /r/ObscureDrugs community on Reddit.


Tory Lanez is #1 on Apple Music although he is receiving zero editorial playlisting or awareness support from Spotify or Apple Music for his new album ‘DAYSTAR’

Texas residents in some communities near Houston warned to stop using tap water as it may be tainted with brain-eating amoeba called Naegleria fowleri

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Craziest Details of the Golden State Killer Case

The Golden State Killer terrorized California from 1974-1986, committing dozens of rapes, murders and burglaries throughout the state. A man named Joseph DeAngelo just plead guilty to these crimes, which were once thought to be the work of three separate killers.

Lit Yoshi is a Terrifying Louisiana Rap Prospect

Fredo Bang continues to make noise in the rap game, but one of his partners is also coming up fast now. Mieyoshi “Lit Yoshi” Edwards is a Baton Rouge native and original TBG member just like Fredo, and he holds a similar amount of street-level influence (if not more).

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