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Weapons Grade Viral Media, or, originally started in 2019 as a journalism-focused publication. Since we have been operating to the fullest extent of this goal, we now realize that this vision is in direct conflict with another serious goal of our operation, and that is to generate money. While it might aesthetically seem like it, is not a huge, established news brand. We are rather the WordPress brainchild of a “broke” young man from Canada with dreams of important, world-changing journalism. Since we have been active for a good while now, we are realizing that it is not sustainable to focus primarily on lengthy writing, as we are simultaneously trying to generate significant ad money in the current climate of web users that aren’t exactly interested in reading. Especially our demographic.

An example of our “serious” journalism, which before today was by far our primary form of content.

The news cycles move extremely fast in 2020. Anyone that is a journalist and is attempting to exercise their craft at this time is certainly feeling an insane amount of pressure. There is just so much competition, and while creating an article, one worries they are wasting their time and will just be beaten out by similarly serious publications with a larger staff who are able to pump out serious work at a faster rate. Writing and journalism is important to us, but even more important is for the creator of to be able to use the website to begin his own life on his own terms, and make a comfortable living.

Expect to see more content exactly like this (content will remain topical, as well): is growing extremely fast, but in order to grow faster and achieve more ad clicks, we are making a shift towards concise and less-writing focused content. We have always been a viral media aggregator, but the website operates far too slowly while attempting actively to put a journalistic spin on everything of this nature. This means that, in exchange for less thorough takes on topics, more content will be posted and at a faster rate. We are moving from a VICE like style to a WSHH style, minus the exploitative content. This does not mean that the “serious” articles will stop, we are still ran primarily by someone with a passion for just that. Right now however, this has to slow down almost entirely. We hope the readers and fans of our journalism can understand, but at the same time we are sure that this nothing but good news for our more casual and less reading-focused readers who are just here to consume interesting content.

With this being said, note that the thing that sets us apart from other viral media outlets will remain: All of our shared content will be cited, sourced, and every aspect of each story is thoroughly presented with quotes and details. We hope our loyal readers understand. Thank you.


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