Reddit user /u/katalyst007 took to the /r/MildlyInteresting forums today to share a really cool photograph of her husbands work, some 3D printed eggs that open up to reveal small figurines inside (exactly like a Kinder Surprise toy). Users were quick to comment about the fact that real Kinder eggs are illegal in the US due to the choking hazard they pose, but most were curious about the endeavor and how exactly it was a DIY process.

From /u/katalyst007’s Reddit post

    The state of 3D printing in 2020 is quite impressive, and the cutting edge technology is becoming more and more accessible to the casual user every year. One doesn’t need an unrealistic setup to make their own toys, just a small consumer printer and some knowledge of the software (which also becomes more and more accessible all the time). Not to mention, these particular eggs were already available on the internet as a schematic, as one reader pointed out. This means makers aren’t obligated to design and CAD their own printed creations, but can work with pre-existing models available to the public.

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