Regarding our views and opinions

    All content and views expressed on are not aligned with companies views or intentions and should not be representative of either. Weapons Grade Viral Media occasionally covers huge, swirling rumors and will also cover what the masses are saying on a large scale in regards to certain current events unfolding at the time. We takes accuracy and journalistic integrity very seriously, and unconfirmed details will never be depicted as if they were factual.

What we cover

  Weapons Grade Viral Media appreciates rap music production in 2020 and how accessible it is. The sonics of modern hip-hop are certainly there and we want to purvey that content. Check out this statement from our FAQ on the homepage:

“WGVM originally launched in 2019 with intentions to cover primarily drill related content. Since then, we have broadened our horizons and are intending on covering a variety of things. WGVM is a source for hip-hop news, new rap music, viral videos and images, and breaking current events + pop culture.”

The difference is that we will not cover the culture with the same scope as our competitors (no graphic street videos, etc). We refuse to be involved in the negativity that proliferates amongst the people. Our intentions of coverage are completely fair and the individuals in which we intend to work with we want to prosper.

Regarding our accuracy / integrity

    We are an outlet for curating and sharing media only. Whether we provide a bibliography at the end of an article or spread source links throughout a post’s body, we will always have our work cited and sourced.

The financial part

    As of April 2020, Weapons Grade Media Group is only generating revenue through one means and that is ad revenue (via Jetpack). That is why we have PayPal donation routes put in place, so supporters of our curation can lend a hand at keeping the lights on and doors open. While we are a new company and not yet incorporated in Canada, we have launched as a legitimate endeavor and intend on becoming a full-time tax paying operation.


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