FaZe Rain Livestreams Drug Use and Concerning Ramblings

Fans are deeply concerned about 24-year-old Nordan “FaZe Rain” Shat after he has been on Instagram Live during the past couple of days making damning remarks about almost everyone in his life. He also gleefully shows off and consumes hard drugs for his tens of thousands of viewers. At one point, he is seen eating a handful of Xanax pills and washing them down with lean.

NOTE: The tweet below incorrectly states that he had been popping “perc 30s“. He was never seemingly in possession of any opioid pills during his long livestreams. The pills he is showing and consuming are Xanax 1mg.

His antics have been broadcast on his main Instagram account, as well as his alternate account @not_nordan. @Nordan has 2.1m followers as of now, while the alternate account is at 243k.

Influencer friends of FaZe Rain’s eventually showed up to his house for an intervention.


Faze Rain is known for his affiliation with veteran gaming crew FaZe. He has been a famous content creator for many years, known for his Call of Duty content (which typically attracts a younger audience).

I can take 50 [Xanax], and i’m standing, i’m fine. And just to let you know? I am on 50.
Do I even seem like i’m uncoherent? Do I seem like…. Do I seem fine- i’m fine! Like, that’s what i’m saying, i’m different!

via @BillboardSwayze on Twitter

At one point he pans the camera to hundreds of Xanax pills in his rolling tray. He was also candid about his past drug use, including “perc” use going back as far as last year.

via @YouSipFakePar on Twitter

Authors note: We can only hope that Nordan gets removed from this situation and receives the treatment he deserves (before he loses his life and further destroys his career). It is clear to fans that this behavior is 100% drug induced.

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