WeaponsG.com is a popular culture eZine, so chances are you probably haven’t found your way here via the regular content. Only Speaking Jamanese® is a neurofunk label/outlet by Chalupiak – an EDM/hip-hop producer who owns both WeaponsG.com and Weapons Grade Neurofunk, a cult-classic neurofunk YouTube channel. This is where you can see my livestream (making music) and find everything there is to know about the Chalupiak persona.

Chalupiak · Chalupiak – Mitragynine
Chalupiak · Chalupiak – Etilaam (Remaster)
Chalupiak · (2015) Chalupiak – Monsters Exist!
Voltage Recordings · Chalupiak – Beat The Horse (OUT NOW – Voltage Recordings VLTG008)
Chalupiak · Chalupiak’s “Dance Essentials” Mix (20/05/2013)