In the most recent news, Durk “Lil Durk” Banks was granted a $250,000 bond by a judge in a Georgia courtroom, and upon his release he will have to wear an ankle monitor and follow a curfew. It seems as if only Durk has had a bail hearing and his co-defendant Dayvon “King Von” Bennett is still sitting in jail. It should be mentioned that the circumstances of the Durk/Von case are not amazing, as mentioned in my article about the case. They were caught on video surveillance and seen by witnesses shooting out of Lil Durk’s 300 SUV as well as King Von shooting on foot. During the probable cause hearing we learn that “a blue arm” sticks out the window of the vehicle shooting, matching the exact clothing Lil Durk was wearing.

According to long-time local Chicago journalist “Provatakis” (@the_streetreport on Instagram), a murder that was committed in the O’Block projects (Parkway Gardens) was the father of Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, a deceased Gangster Disciple that was openly mocked and indignified in the early music of Chief Keef’s career. From the local news article:

“Police said a 41-year-old man was talking on the phone while walking to his apartment building, when four people started following him.The man was able to get to his apartment, but was later found dead with a gunshot wound to the chest. No one is in custody.”

From WGNTV Chicago

Reddit users from the Chiraqology Subreddit began to talk:

In other news, Provatakis also broke the news that Shawn “Lil Shawn” Randall was sentenced to 55 years in prison (either on June 18th or June 19th, 2019) for the murder of Vallan Francis in the doorway of his own home, and in front of his own kids. He was originally found guilty of the crime in December of 2018. Lil Shawn was a Young Pappy affiliate and collaborator, as well as a cohort from the same outfit “PBG” (”Pooh Bear Gang”). This gang is from the North side of Chicago (Rogers Park), known as “The North Pole”.

We can assume Provatakis is correct because on the same day, a Reddit user provided brand new Shawn Randall mugshots taken from inside Stateville Penitentiary in Illinois.

In PBG Kemo‘s song with Bang Da HittaNiggas Kno and Bitches Kno pt. 1” (A Lil Duke remix), Bang says:

“Do his ass like Vallan, hide your kids if he coming!”

Bang Da Hitta in “Niggas Kno and Bitches Kno pt. 1” by PBG Kemo

Finally, yesterday Gucci Mane announced he is releasing a new album. He also released the album artwork and full tracklist on his Instagram.

Gucci Mane new album + tracklist

The album’s release date is set for June 21, 2019. It contains features from many globally known rap stars like Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Lil Uzi Vert (and many more) but also contains non-genre artist collaborations such as a track with Justin Bieber.

Obviously many more things are happening, but when it comes to the time I have today to dedicate to this site – I simply cannot cover it all. Thank you for reading and look forward to more please!

PS. You might notice a “LINKS’ / citations sections that was right around here is missing, and I can assure you it is still very important for me to leave plenty of links for the purpose of sourcing. Sadly though I do not physically have the time as the sole operator of this site to systematically compile those huge citation lists as well as do everything else I have planned in the day for this project. The citations will be distributed chronologically throughout the read.