The answer is probably, and it is very difficult.

Users on were pretty quick to find (probably) another Twitter account owned by Atlanta country-rap artist Montero “Lil Nas X” Hill after his early Nicki Minaj fan account was exposed. Under the name @thenasmaraj but with the handle @viewsfromnas, the user creates a rather detailed puzzle where with imagery and captions, they lay out a scenario where you are a student in a school and a gunmen enters. Using two replies, they give you the choice to click on their subsequent comment threads, making them options for which directions you can take. As you can navigate, you make it throughout the school, getting shot, finding bodies that scream and blow your cover, and you always get killed. Stewie from Family Guy is always paying tribute.

Another Nas Maraj account that is now suspended had a “Bank Heist” scenario that was played by a popular YouTuber in 2017:

S2W on YouTube

In the meantime, Lil Nas X is proving to the world that he is certainly not a one-hit wonder, by releasing a new single with a bank breaking video and even a currently exploding EP as of June 21, 2019. Go follow Lil Nas X is you aren’t already: @lilnasx