Lil Tracy & Future Crystals Accused of Rape in 2019

A woman from San Francisco, CA named Rosey King (@roseeeeeeeee711 on Twitter) has come forward today to share her experience of allegedly being drugged and raped by Jazz “Lil Tracy” Butler, as well as members of a Seattle, Washington group called Future Crystals. The incident was said to have taken place in April of 2019. The Lil Tracy rape allegation is particularly dividing for many emo rap fans today.

She also provides photographs of paperwork from Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, which she obtained a day after the alleged events when she sought out a rape kit. The alleged assault was investigated by the police, but no arrests were ever made.

Lil Tracy is known for being one of the primary members of GothBoiClique, as well as his work with Lil Peep. “Awful Things” by Lil Peep and Lil Tracy currently has 201 million views on YouTube. One of their other biggest hits is “Witchblades“, which is at 156 million views.

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Excerpt From the Future Crystals / Lil Tracy Rape Allegation:

im gonna write this all out at once because it’s difficult to type it over and over again to individual people i explain the story to, and several people have been asking me about it lately. i’ve issued statements to the police, kept in contact with the investigator to update him on every single detail that comes my way, and i’ve told my story to lots of people, lots of times. i’ve remained vocal about my experience both online and in person. doing so has changed my life in ways i wouldn’t have ever imagined.

i was sexually assaulted in 2019 by lil tracy and members of future crystals (an underground rap collective based in seattle).

my rapists live freely today, while i wait for my justice with a reputation for lying about getting raped, which i didn’t do. i feel silenced, and i feel angry. i won’t allow it anymore. there have been a lot of conversations online recently about known rapists and rape culture, so i’ve decided to speak up again.


The news is certainly viral on Twitter today, and fans are saying that the alleged Future Crystals / Lil Tracy rape story has been circulating for over a year now. Many don’t even believe the alleged victim to be credible:

The alleged victim wasn’t sure who had done anything, but claimed that during the night “the only person there who was even remotely creepy to me was tracy.“.

…walking into the kitchen, i saw gemm forza standing there, holding my bottle, which was almost completely empty- and it had been significantly fuller just several minutes before. i know i was letting a few of them hit my bottle, but they weren’t going hard on it. it didn’t make sense that the bottle would become THAT empty within a matter of minutes. sadly, this thought didn’t cross my mind in that moment. cause i didn’t really care about the bottle. i just made some joke to forza like, “you guys slammed my bottle hella fast”. he apologized, i said not to worry and we just laughed about it. then we talked for a minute. he wasn’t creepy toward me in that conversation. in fact, for the whole time i was coherent and could remember, the only person there who was even remotely creepy to me was tracy.

forza handed my bottle back to me so i could have the last of it. i took one drink, and shortly after, walked into the living room to introduce myself to the two other girls who had arrived. they were sitting in an armchair with each other. the last thing i can clearly remember was going up to them to introduce myself, kneeling down to get at their level, and telling them my name. things got very cloudy immediately, and then there was nothing after that.

i woke up the next morning around 6:40 am, on my back. i was in a bed next to tracy. i was wearing my shirt and one sock, but no pants or underwear. i sat up & i looked between my legs, and there was a blood stain. then i felt myself & there was blood on my fingers. i got out of bed immediately. my clothes and phone were on the floor by the bed. i put my clothes on (i left my other sock on accident), grabbed my backpack from upstairs in the kitchen, and got out of there as fast as i could. i walked around the block and waited for a lyft home, which picked me up at 6:47 am.

Snippet from the Future Crystals / Lil Tracy rape allegation (source)

Fans on Reddit are not necessarily buying it either:

Users on the /r/Gothboiclique Subreddit (source)

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Lil Tracy Accused of Alleged Rape, Fans Not Buying It

Lil Tracy rape accusation: A woman from San Francisco, CA named Rosey King has come forward today to share her experience of allegedly being drugged and raped by Jazz “Lil Tracy” Butler, as well as members of Future Crystals.

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