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Mieyoshi “Lit Yoshi” Edwards Arrested for Attempted Murder

Baton Rouge rapper and Fredo Bang affiliate Mieyoshi “Lit Yoshi” Edwards was arrested in his hometown recently, accused of two shootings that injured five people (including two children). Said shootings happened while Lit Yoshi was out on bond for an earlier shooting case, in which he was charged with four counts of attempted murder. Lit Yoshi is now facing fighting a total of eleven attempted murder charges in Louisiana courts, among other violent charges.

Mieyoshi Tyree Edwards, 21, was arrested after East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s detectives traced the rented cars used in each incident to his live-in girlfriend, said sheriff’s spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks.

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Lit Yoshi is taken into custody. We also see the surveillance footage from the Hanks Dr. shooting that Yoshi is suspected in.
Two people can be seen in surveillance video shooting at the victim.
Lit Yoshi is allegedly seen here, according to police. (via WAFB)

21-year-old Mieyoshi Tyree Edwards, of 1880 Monterrey Blvd. is facing multiple charges in connection with shootings that occurred in April and July.

Three adults and two young children were injured in those shootings.

The first shooting happened on Independence Day in the afternoon hours at 11320 Greenwell Springs Rd.

EBRSO says, “two adults and two small children were hit by gunfire while in a vehicle turning into their apartment complex.”

Video-surveillance footage helped lead to the arrest of Edwards.

Rental car information and video surveillance footage helped detectives determine that Edwards is a suspect in the April 6th shooting at 6515 Hanks Dr.

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r/DaDumbWay - Update on Lit Yoshi
Fredo Bang speaks on his cohort Lit Yoshi (via Reddit / u/X20000)

Edwards is facing these charges in connection with the April 6th shooting that happened on Hanks Dr.:

-3 counts Attempted First Degree Murder
-Illegal Use of a Weapon
-Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property

Edwards is facing these charges in connection with the July 4th shooting that happened on Greenwell Springs Rd.

-4 counts Attempted First Degree Murder
-Assault by Drive-By Shooting
-Illegal Use of a Weapon
-Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property

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