This article was originally published on June 23, 2019. Updates were made on May 8, 2020.

    Yesterday, user “Mitch Baker” shared an image a Nipsey Hussle ecstasy tablet. It is unclear where the MDMA tablet originates from, clearly resembling the late L.A. rap legend.

    Nipsey Hussle was murdered on Sunday, March 31 right in front of his store by a lone gunman. Five days afterwards, gangs in Los Angeles paid tribute by holding a peace rally. which was unsuccessful for their peace. An LA Times article released today shows that gang summits with serious undertones are now taking place in community, and the message is certainly getting louder among the locals.

From the LA Times, by Nicole Santa Cruz & Cindy Chang

    We also learned on that tonight during the BET awards, a Nipsey Hussle tribute will be taking place.


R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle. Read more about Nipsey Hussle ecstasy tablets:

Drug Dealers are Allegedly Selling Pills in Shape of Nipsey Hussle’s Likeness

“The death of Nipsey Hussle had a major impact on the music industry and fans worldwide are still mourning the death of the Los Angeles star and entrepreneur. Many have honored Nip with tributes in the form of murals, songs, new business endeavors, and more. Now, news has surfaced noting that drug dealers are allegedly selling pills that feature the rapper’s likeness.”

VladTV on the Nipsey Hussle ecstasy

Subreddit /r/MDMA: “Nipsey Hussles. I want your guys opinion on these. They were given to me but idk about them.

From user /u/virusking10000

More from Weapons Grade Viral Media:

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