Message from CEO widthheight

    As of May 2020, Weapons Grade Viral Media is established with Google Search Console / Analytics. We have always used SEO for snippet optimization and on-page SEO, but this is not enough in the competitive world of searching. We must manually optimize articles (and the homepage) to earn high search rankings, and this means that Weapons Grade Viral Media will begin to look more filled out with related content. This change does not signal a change of integrity, however!


Focusing in on our scope of content

    We have been posting minimal amounts of urban content (our initial intentions). We have been also covering worldwide headlines and essentially filler. Our reason for this was to get as many eyes on us as possible in our infancy, but now we have ways to get the same eye-count while focusing on the original goal. This will come with some exceptions, however.

…Without the bulls***t

    Weapons Grade Viral Media appreciates rap music production in 2020 and how accessible it is. The sonics of modern hip-hop are certainly there and we want to purvey that content. The difference is that we will not cover the culture with the same scope as our competitors (no graphic street videos, etc). We refuse to be involved in the negativity that proliferates amongst the people. Our intentions of coverage are completely fair and the individuals in which we intend to work with we want to prosper.


That concludes our disclaimer update and operational changes announcement. Here is whats happening lately:

“Zombie Rat” Caught on Video in N.Y.

A Reddit user shared footage today of what appears to be an emaciated, zombie-like rat moving around beneath a dumpster (and rather quickly). Users are saying this footage comes from New York.

Craziest Details of the Golden State Killer Case

The Golden State Killer terrorized California from 1974-1986, committing dozens of rapes, murders and burglaries throughout the state. A man named Joseph DeAngelo just plead guilty to these crimes, which were once thought to be the work of three separate killers.

Lil Tracy Accused of Alleged Rape, Fans Not Buying It

Lil Tracy rape accusation: A woman from San Francisco, CA named Rosey King has come forward today to share her experience of allegedly being drugged and raped by Jazz “Lil Tracy” Butler, as well as members of Future Crystals.

Lit Yoshi is a Terrifying Louisiana Rap Prospect

Fredo Bang continues to make noise in the rap game, but one of his partners is also coming up fast now. Mieyoshi “Lit Yoshi” Edwards is a Baton Rouge native and original TBG member just like Fredo, and he holds a similar amount of street-level influence (if not more).