An article from yesterday on The Independent describes a situation in Vietnam where traders are stealing pets off the streets to be sell them as bushmeat. Photographs have surfaced showing walls outside markets lined with “missing cat” papers posted by desperate animal owners. It is alleged that carcasses with pet collars still on them are showing up to markets, in a time where the Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking economic havoc on the planet.


“Piles of cat bones were discovered laid out on pavements in the capital Hanoi this week, from an estimated 100 animals. Cat carcasses still with collars on were also seen at live animal markets. Researchers said posters appealing for information about missing pets were pinned outside the markets, hung by devastated owners searching for their stolen pets.

One vendor reportedly said: “We have had no difficulty sourcing animals because of the pandemic. Pets are still being stolen regularly and sometimes sold by families who do not want them any more.”

The investigators said that the pandemic appeared to have increased the “particularly brutal” trade, because restaurants that were closed to diners were doing more home deliveries than ever.

From The Independent’s article
“Researchers said posters appealing for information about missing pets were pinned outside the markets, hung by devastated owners searching for their stolen pets.” (Source)

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