This week, officials from the White House reached out to Georgia-based chain Waffle House about dining-in during the pandemic. They are hoping to develop strategies to ease the US back into normalcy and are concerned with public eating. Given the size and scope of Waffle House’s operations, it only makes sense that the people in charge are trying to learn from them.

“I wanted to share with them what we’re doing and what we’ve actually done to make our restaurants as safe as possible for our guests and our associates,” said Waffle House CEO Walt Ehmer. “Two, I wanted to give them a little feedback on how things are going after the first few days.”

Waffle House CEO Walt Ehmer (source)

“What we’ve seen is we went from having empty restaurants to having mostly empty restaurants,” Ehmer said. “So we have some people who are coming to sit down and eat with us and the ones that are are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to have a small taste of normalcy.”

When asked how long the company could keep up with paying employees with so few customers, Ehmer said:

“We’re trying to keep jobs for everybody. We’re trying to create jobs for the restaurants that have closed. We’re optimistic that just a small little step forward is going to help us achieve that goal.”

More details from WJCL article “White House calls Waffle House for secrets on how to reopen restaurants amid coronavirus

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